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Colin Freeman, a London-based foreign correspondent for The Daily Telegraph , was nabbed by his own security guards and held for 40 days while attempting to cover Somali piracy in , as recorded in his book Kidnapped Jay Bahadur, a young Canadian journalist — precocious, foolhardy, brave — rocked up in northern Somalia with some flimsy connections and a truckload of luck, eventually writing The Pirates of Somalia Years later, in , James Verini wrote a compelling article for The New Yorker about the experience of pirate hostages, interviewing the surviving crew of the MV Albedo captured in November , freed in June , a year after their boat had foundered in a storm off Hobyo.

Moore showed great courage in going after the story at its source, and paid a huge price for it. The cargo was irrelevant and rarely touched, neither when it was millions of barrels of oil nor a freighter full of tanks and rockets. Fantasies of escape recur.

They often take the form of a heroic blaze of glory — seizing an AK from a dozy guard, rescue by Navy SEALs, or a leap to freedom from the gunwales the latter he actually does, relishing fleeting moments of liberty in the sea, before his recapture — but more often the escape he dreams of is suicide. The struggle is constant, but throughout his captivity, hope penetrates the carapace of despair: Moore persists in using the LED torches on cheap cigarette lighters to signal to the presumably American drones that he hears buzz overhead, he tarries when ordered inside as light aircraft or helicopters fly by — as they regularly do, sometimes photographing the ship — and he risks smuggling German phrases identifying his location into the occasional phone calls home in which the pirates force him to beg for a ransom payment.

The Desert and the Sea: Days Captive on the Somali Pirate Coast by Michael Scott Moore

Scrounging pens and notebooks, Moore jots down a series of scrappy prison diaries. His eventual release, after the payment of an undisclosed though undoubtedly more modest ransom than initially demanded, and scratched together by his mother, offers almost instant Schadenfreude for the reader when his pirate captors get into a deadly altercation over the ransom. Moore did not die for his story, but he suffered deeply and helplessly.

How SeaWorld's Orcas Could Go Home Again - CAPTIVE - TakePart

Keeping wild animals captive for entertainment is abuse. Further reading.

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Animals in the wild. Previous article Next article. World Animal Protection exists to move the world to protect animals.

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Download your elephant screensaver. Ban captive breeding at Sea World. Simply put, a lifetime in captivity is no life at all for dolphins. They are wildlife, not entertainers.


Virgin Holidays, United Airlines and British Airways all recently announced they were scrapping sales to captive dolphin attractions. Earlier this year Canada passed a ban on keeping dolphins, whales and porpoises for entertainment.

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  • While thousands of marine mammals are still suffering in captivity, announcements like this from the travel industry are a welcome signal of hope. We hope more travel companies follow their incredible example.

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