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Little Cole was my favourite out of all the children we have had on the bus for the two years it has been running. He always sat at the back of the bus with me I am the guy that has to keep the kids in order at the back , but their house burned down and we lost contact with them probably a year ago.

That was so sad. I thought we would never see them again, nor thought little Cole would ever be part of a sound Sunday School ministry to learn more about Jesus Christ, until his mother came into my work and I recognized her!

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I introduced myself, explained that we were still running the bus route and she said Cole was recently talking about the bus route and brother Gerald. He wants to start coming again! Anyway, I have not been able to get this little sparrow out of my mind since Tuesday. It was so encouraging to know that he wants to come again to Sunday School! This was very appropriate in light of our upcoming Vacation Bible School in August. He covered various passages on children, and one of them was So again, this was emphasized in my life.

Another related passage which he covered says this:. Matthew Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing?

God’s Greetings Cards – “His Eye is on the Sparrow”

But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows. This morning, a little bird fell out of one of our trees. Angela's oldest daughter found it. The bird was unable to fly back up to its nest so the Trenholms are keeping it in their house. It was neat to watch it, hold it, and hear it chirp, and see how it really took after Angela's daughter. It wasn't until after supper, just as I was getting ready to head out the door for soulwinning - to reach more little sparrows - that I found out what type of bird it was.

You will never guess it! Truly the Lord cares for these little sparrows He has placed in our paths - these children - and so should we! He has definitely given me a heart for them and a burden for them right now. I can't wait until VBS this year! I hope this poem and this testimony are a blessing to you! Eagle's Wings Ministries. Trenholms of Kelowna. Looking Unto Jesus. The blessings behind this poem:.

Consider the Sparrow

I'm trusting in Your promises, Still believing in Your Word. I'm just a little sparrow - With these tears, it's hard to see, But I know my Heavenly Father Is always watching over me.

My Testimony (jail, depression, and God’s perfect provision)

A safe place to rest, perhaps still to die. I have found myself trapped in a man-made prison of fear and want, fighting to find my way out, crashing into walls on my way down.

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There have been two devastating earthquakes in Nepal. There is an uprising in Burundi, terrorism in the middle east, a massive trail derailment and children who do not have enough to eat. It would appear that God is an inept or uncaring provider.

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He is not enough. Even the broken sparrow was able to walk safely home. In the midst of broken wings and debilitating illness, God provided stumpy little legs that carried him painstakingly into the field. Photo by Micolo J, via flickr.

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    Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. The Inspired Story. Home About Rachel You should read… Contact. He was trapped on the walkway, stranded without food or even soft grass beneath his feet. He was going to die.

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    But he had walked home. Because we, and all those we love, are going to die. And in the meantime, there is so very much to fear.