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But he is just injured, His portrait hangs in the bedroom and he comes to the room at night pretending to be a ghost and appears to walk out of the portrait. They talk each night, he is trying to drive her out of his home, but she has no choice but to stay as she has been sent there almost as a prisoner or exile. X goes away somewhere before the book starts, and the heroine wants to lose weight and generally make herself over before he returns.

The heroine meets another man we'll call him Y at a party near the beginning of the book, and I believe they start going out so that she can gain some experience in preparation for her reunion with X. At some point, she goes to a wedding or something like that and gets to know some footballers' wives. Also, she has a sister-in-law, who lives in the same house and is nasty to her. As I vaguely recall, the cover had flower petals and a mouth on it, if that helps.

Sorry, I think I initially posted this in the wrong place: I'm trying to find a series of books involving a black-haired catholic heroine marrying an autocratic hero. The setting is coastal, historical US. Their book involves the heroine having twins, a hurricane, and hiding on an island near the family plantation.

I remember two other books in the series although I think that there were more. One of the twin daughters wants to join a convent, but the father is outraged and sends her to marry a distant relative in Brazil. She ends up married to an invalid and is involved with the invalid's brother.

The other daughter marries someone from a nearby plantation but it's a bad marriage, the husband dies, and she falls in love with someone else.

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Hello, everyone, I'm a newbie to this group and website but I've also been trying to find a romance novel I read when I was a teenager. I think it was published in the late 80's or early 90's. I don't remember either the title or author but somewhat the premise. I'm so sorry if it's sketchy but here goes: the book is a historical romance novel that takes place in either Oregon or Washington in the late 19th century.

She doesn't really like him at all. I've been looking everywhere for this book. I'm not sure if it's a past harlequin historical title, or an early Avon or Zebra historical book. If anybody knows this book please let me know. I'll also try to work on others' requests for info.

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I know what it's like to have that crazed "obsessed" feeling. Looking for a book I read sometime between and , dont remember when exactly, I was at a library. I really hope you all can help me. I don't remember much about it, but here's what I do know: -The H wears a lot of black, and it seems like he's dark as well.

In fact no one at the castle is happy about the H's presence -I think I remember the h has been running the castle by herself for a while now-though I may be getting that from another book. I read this book years ago. I really hope someone can help! I seem to run across that book everytime I try to search for this book!

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The heroine was a nurse in the civil war and was a year later down on her luck. She answers an add for a wife and meets the man she thinks she will be marrying. Turns out to not be him, but his brother, whom she instantly dislikes. Hope this helps, but I have seen quite a few books with a discription close to this. There are some websites that allow you to search by historical era or location. Good Luck! Can't think of the title. Years ago I started reading this book and got interrupted and was never able to finish it. It's been driving me nuts through the years! I believe it was a Harlequin.

The woman is a surgeon who was working too hard and I believe collapsed and was forced to take a vacation. She is staying in this house and the next door neighbor's dog comes over. She is mistaken for a teenager and is hired by her neighbor as a housekeeper or assistant?

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She pretends to be a teenager and the neighbor is conflicted because he is attracted to her. It was not a harlequin romance. The hero was an actor. He comes to the Heroine's grandmother's island to shoot a pirate film. The heroine works in the perfume industry. She calls her boss "Madame".

Her sister lives on the island and makes glass designs.

The heroine's grandmother dies in the end. There is a particular scene in the book in which the heroine names her new perfume "winterfire". Theres another scene in which the hero shoots for a new perfume ad in which he wears a lab coat. Thanks in advance. I really wish there was some sort of database where you could search keyword plot lines to books and find titles! It would make this so much easier!

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I've been looking for a book I read years ago and thought someone may be able to help. It begins in contemporary time although I think this book was published in the 80's or 90's. The H is an artist who meets the h at a restaurant one night, and tells her he bets she has dimples on her ass. She gets offended but decides to take him up on his offer to pose for a painting. She keeps having these visions, and the H in the other times was an officer in the military during the war, and the h was always on the opposite side.

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In contemporary times, h tries using hypnosis to go back in the past and save H, but H contemporary ends up channeling the angry war General and no longer acts like himself. Hi, I'm looking for a historical romance book. She's captured by the hero and taken to his ship to sail to America and I think he chains her feet together, because he thinks she could hurt them.

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His crew mocks him during the journey, because she doesn't act like a captive at all. That's all I remember. If you could tell me the name of this book I'd be so happy. It's been bugging me for a really long time. I'm sorry if there's not enough detail. I read this book a long time ago. Hi - what a wonderful place this is!!! I've been looking for a book that I read about 5 years ago. The main character is a writer of historical romances and her main character comes to life along with his footman.