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A person generally only needs to view and understand that the Phobia affecting this life is in fact based in a past life to release the fear!

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And yes…we do tend to incarnate with the same souls…over and over. Different roles, same souls. As a child I had an ungodly fear of knives, every time on tv when someone was killed with a blade, I was freaking out, the sound of the blade crunching bones or tendons had me almost gasping for air. As I grew the fear went away.

But still on a fairly regular basis I have had soldiers ask me what branch I served in. I have never been in the military, least not in this life. Something about my aura is giving off the signals that I was a warrior at one time. Maybe my death in a past life is what was affecting em as a child. I have met people with an instant dislike and others with instant feelings of connections. I believe people who were your friends in a past life somehow keep fining each other in this life.

I know I knew my wife Dawn in another life. We met at a New Years Eve party that both of us didnt want to go to and at the last moment changed out minds. I can never forget it, it was the same night MTV first aired on tv. We are happy and we were meant to be together. She IS my soulmate, not for the level of love we have but for the fact we knew each other in a previous life. I went to a past life regressionist in the 80s and my alaska life was discovered.

I was driving 16 sled dogs, it was very cold. I lived in a log cabin. The cabin caught fire and my wife and 2 children died. I was crying when I was telling this. My dogs were my life after that. The city started with a K and it was the s. Also, I had a cowboy life. He would ask who the man was and i would tell him its his great grandpa Stan. One day Elijah said Gram ive died before. I asked him to tell me about it. He said he and his father were on a boat and they drowned. The water had turned to ice and the boat sank.

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He is now 15 years old and has no memory of that but he is still very intuitive and sensitive around certain people and events. I also believe i had a past life in the cape cod areq and somewhere there on the ocean in a ship. I feel it very strongly. I am a strong believer in past lives and reincarnation; I had a past life regression to a life in Armorica that I was able to research historically, when I was in my 40s.

I was so impressed by the accuracy of what I experienced that I later learned the technique for regressing people myself. She told me that he was 46 years old and that he had a wife and 4 children. Not being educated in the States, I shrugged my shoulders and passed it off as childhood imagination. Then, when she was about 15 years old, I was doing past life regression with her best friend, while she was present in the room. After the regression was done and her friend had described a past life as a young Puritan woman in Massachusetts, my daughter remarked that she never wanted to do that again.

I often wonder if Dreams that I have are just this, for I can see the colors so bright, smell the smells, and know right where to go, almost as if I have already been there before!! I have some that in the dream for example I am being hurt, say cut and when I awake there is always a mark in that spot. NOW this is the real queston :where do these marks come from? For my ex husband and current boyfriend both say I never move when asleep, so I am not scratching my self! So where are they from??

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I had always still do had a fiery passion to go to Greece and Turkey. My son asked me to join him on a school trip there. The most stunning moment of realizing we both had shared lives together at a different time came at the gates of Mycenae where we both had the same memory of him walking out of the city to war. I found myself knowing where I had lived there and what had been in the garden, and then finding the place with those medicinal herbs still growing there.

We had many more such memories, and confirmations come to us at different places there and in Turkey. I firmly know that I travel journeys of learning by choice in this physical, learning plane. Hi, I have had past lives readings done on me. I also happen to know that both of my parents were in a couple of these lives. My husband was in at least half of these past lives as either my brother, grandson, or a wife. I cannot wait to see if I have anymore and what they have to do with my present life.

Hi, I amfascinated too. At age 3 my daughter showed a morbid fear of fire and would panic, backing into a corner if the fire place was lit. She would scream for us not to light the fireplace.

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I found this strange as she had had no negative experience with fire. Her fear was real though. She cried, shook and breathed hard. After quiet talk with her, she began recounting how her family had died in a fire. She said her sister was under the wood. I was stunned. She had never witnessed such a scene, nor seen it on TV as I monitored that. She was only 3 and would not have been able to invent a story like this… and then there was the true and apparent fear.

She is 12 now and seems to be fine with fire, her fears subsided. I wrote down my detailes, and did not tell any of it to this person. I asked if it would be OK if I helped him relex and see what imeges he would encounter in his minds eye, and he agreed. He described three major parts of my first pastlife with him, but was too tired to go father into the second, although he did see the same worn green door with a lace curtain on the inset glass. We never had a chance to explore together anymore after that. So I do believe, we are on a spiral of evolution on all possible levels of existence….

I sometimes get visions of my past life though not the full story.

Past Lives of Celebrities Revealed: Whitney Houston, Steve Jobs and More

Im planning on going to see a hypnotherapist soon. I saw God and then, eventually, God pushed me back down and when I woke up I was a baby and you named me Luke. After pressing him for more details, Luke told his mother he lived in Chicago, took the train a lot, and died in a fire. After mentioning his death, Luke made a hand motion indicating someone jumping out a window.

When Erica punched the information into a search engine, she discovered a news story about a fire in the Paxton Hotel in Chicago. Erica couldn't explain how Luke would have known about a fire in Chicago.

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He had never been to the city, and she never discussed it with him. While the haunting story of Pam Robinson could be a coincidence, it was enough to make Erica believe.

The following year, they were thrilled to hear they were expecting and, once again, Florence was carrying twins. The twins, Gillian and Jennifer, were born identical except for Jennifer's birthmarks. John and Florence moved away from their old home when their daughters were three months old. They would request old toys that had belonged to the deceased twins, recognized landmarks when traveling to their parents' former home, and were inexplicably terrified of cars.

Luckily, by the age of five, these frightening memories mostly faded away. The girls went on to live relatively normal adult lives. Chaube confirmed his wife, Lugdi, died during childbirth nine years prior.