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A staff of 32, including full time laboratory and x-ray technicians, was responsible for the daily operation of the bed facility. For the first time, a radiologist was available to serve the hospital one day each week. Another step forward in hospital services came in when a surgeon established residence in Barnesville. Prior to that time, surgery had been done on a visiting basis by surgeons from Cambridge and Wheeling.

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With an overflow of patients into the hallways, more rooms were added in to increase the bed capacity to In , with a bed capacity of 53, there were 3, admissions and emergency room visits. George, a bed addition was completed in It included a new pediatrics room, an examination room, an additional surgery and recovery room with modernization of the entire operating suite, a new and larger laboratory, an enlarged radiology department, a new labor room, and a new nurses?

The latest and most modern equipment was added. The medical staff consisted of 10 general staff physicians, as well as specialty physicians from the outlying areas. The largest addition to the hospital occurred in with the demolition of the McCartney home allowing room for construction on the north side of the building. This project provided 40 more patient beds, remodeled the wards, and allowed for the expansion of services. During that year, the maternity section was closed. The dietary department was enlarged and pharmacy was modernized. Physical therapy and beauty shop services were added.

Construction brought the total bed capacity to , including six acute coronary-intensive care beds. Featured speaker at the dedication, Congressman Wayne L. Contact number. Contact address. Full name. Gender Male. Year Year Marital status. Ethnic group. Patient's first language. Last known GP's name.

GP's contact number. GP's address. Contact name. Please give details of who will be funding the placement.

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Informal Yes. Mental category. Indicate which conditions are applicable Working Age Dementia under Alcohol Related Brain Injury. Huntington's Disease. Mental Illness. Please give details. Is there any other relevant information. Current mental state. Current medication. Current interventions.

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